This Blog is SO Neglected!!!!!

I just joined I mean Facebook. Jane! Stop this crazy thing!
I just can't tear myself away. I'm discovering old friends, making new ones. It's pretty cool.



Well I've taken some photos over the past few weeks. Not happy with any of them. Kinda discouraging. Oh well, I'm not gonna give up yet. What is the problem? Just frame, point and shoot, right? Not that easy, I guess. The camera never seems to capture what my eyes see as a potentially great photo.
Art is a weird thing. I remember trying so hard in college to produce meaningful work that would affect people somehow. I finally realized my senior year that I was trying too hard in the wrong way. Does that make sense? One of my instructors, the wonderful Silvia Malagrino, taught me I was neglecting the influence my emotions could have on my art. Once I tapped into that, everything changed. It was amazing to me.
I think I need to use that approach again.
We'll see how it goes....


Finally............ He's Gone!


I made a New Year's resolution to get back into my photography again. It's been way too long. Three kids and fifteen years later, it's about time. I'm way rusty but I hope I'll get the hang of it again soon.
I'm using my blog as motivation. Even if only a couple of people check it out, at least I know someone's seeing my photos.


Happy New Year!!!!!

My kids and I have watched this about 87 times. We think it's funny. Hope you do too.


It's A Man, Baby!!

Here's a link so y'all can call NBC and ask them why the hell they're promoting this son of a bitch's new book.

Some Stuff I Watched Over The Holiday

Oh, the awful memories this documentary brought back. This follows several high school seniors in Warsaw, Iowa. The popular, and the not so. It's a great reminder of why I don't miss high school one bit. It also made me cringe because my oldest child starts ninth grade in August. Yikes.
A film worth watching, for sure.

This movie is soooooooooo good. I have a thing for films about the Vietnam war. This is based on a true story which makes it even more fascinating. Christian Bale was incredible.


I Hope You All Have a Great Christmas


Some cute and odd stuffed creatures from Areaware.


There's something about Rufus Wainwright's voice that just gets me. Beautiful song. Beautiful version.
I still haven't seen I'm Your Man, but it's on my short list.